Zeta Whiteboard Paint- Murals on Wall

Zeta Whiteboard Paint- Murals on Wall


Are you someone that likes to scribble or write your idea on a whiteboard?? If you did, have you always feel that the board is too small for your idea or your plan?? YOU NEED A BIG WHITEBOARD FOR YOU IDEA!! LOOK HERE!!!

We might able to solve your problem, as we offer whiteboard paint or sometimes it was called dry-erase paint. Our Zeta Whiteboard Paint will transform your wall becomes a huge whiteboard that will not limit your ideas!! You can write, scribble all your idea, or plans on your office wall, home wall, or study room with our  Zeta Whiteboard Paint.  

Is Zeta Whiteboard Paint something new??

No this is not something new, but ours is different from others and yet one of the most versatile compared to others oin the market place yet affordable.

How was Zeta Whiteboard Paint Different from others?  

Zeta Whiteboard Paint not only let you write on your wall but also let you draw and paint murals with watercolor paints. Not any paint in the market let you do it. With this added feature you could always make a colorful watercolor mural for season greetings, or even as an art therapy. Hmmm.. you will be wondering how this even worked?? 

Watercolor Feature

Zeta Whiteboard Paint work with watercolor paints. A conventional whiteboard only can write with whiteboard markers. But with Zeta Whiteboard Paint you could even paint with watercolor and brush without any problem and even better on a large wall, which conventional whiteboard cannot. The Conventional whiteboard has a very smooth surface that even the water molecule does not stick so does watercolor which also forms from water molecule. With this feature, you could actually decorate your wall every season greetings murals or new murals when you are bored with the existing one with a new one.

How to clean the watercolor off?

Its easy, just clean with damp cloth :), is just s\o simple. After that you could just start your new mural art and wow your friend!!

 If you need interested or would like to know more about the products, you could always check us out at our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mywhiteboardpaint. by JANDY CONCEPT